Time to Get Personal

Hi, I'm Bonnie
I would consider myself a creative professional. I am also a wife, mother, and musician. I am creative, passionate, and completely honest with every situation. I like experimenting with various media and trying new ways of doing things, always looking to improve how things can be done.

I have over 8 years of experience with web design, graphic design, and web development. To stay creative, I keep up a design blog of sorts and always have personal projects that I do when I get home (some that the web never sees).

In the future, I plan to continue to study music, gardening, knitting, and wine making.

My Top 3 Qualities
I want it done right, according to priority, and on time.
I treat everything as if it's going out there with my name on it (because a lot of times, it is!)
Run-of-the mill crapperware is not what I deal.

Hobbies (outside of work)
Worship leader (piano, voice)
crocheting & knitting

Favorite Quote
"Of those who say nothing, few are silent."

Want to know more?
(I'm not scary, promise.)