Past & Current mostly personal

Year of Design and Beyond! [@]
I started this in 2011 to try and boost my creativity by creating one thing a day - whatever it was, didn't matter. Little did I know how effective that would be! I began experimenting with all sorts of graphics I hadn't really have much experience - digital painting, space art, font creation, typography, patterns, and SO much more! Now that 2011 is over, I'm very motivated to keep it updated because of how much I learn and grow creatively.

Vector Commissions
My commercial site for vector commissions. I have a pretty particular style, so you either like it or you don't.

Atmospheres [@]
A personal project dedicated to making full screen, relaxing scenarios inspired by music.

(Faces in Places) [coming soon]
A project started awhile ago apart from myself, where you find human-like faces in unexpected places all around you (and take pictures of them). While it can be somewhat creepy, this is a very fun project!